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SEECS Open House


After a long time, Now I again start the writing. I stopped writing because I start MS from NUST. That’s why I leave the .NET development and start working on Web Application Security as my Research Thesis.

Today, I am writing on the SEECS Open House. I visited it and according to my research interest, visit the different student projects.  I SAW many security related projects, some of them are

  • Web Application Scanner for Web 2.0 Attacks
  • Detecting Application Layer DDoS
  • Rootkit Development and Detection
  • Botnet Developement

I liked these projects and appreciate students efforts. But today I want to discuss a project that catch my attention. It is about Botnet, student developed his own BOTNET server and then through a trojan, infect the clients machine. Then he can control all machines from the Server. The trojan hide its process, but the things that I like most, it hides the traffic that he used to communicate with server. User can use any sniffer like wireshark to see the traffic, but he did not sniff the traffic of botnet.  This is uniqueness that student shows in his Final Year Project.

The best industry project of SEECS open house is not related to Security :D. but I liked the student presentation and their innovative work.


Rana Faisal Munir