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Query HBase using Apache Drill

Hi guys,

Today, we will see how to query the hbase using apache drill sql interface. Apache drill provides ANSI SQL language for query data from any data source. We will use it to query hbase.

If you don’t have hbase and apache drill on your machine, then follow the below link before going further.




Now lets start

1) Run apache drill shell “bin/sqlline -u jdbc:drill:zk=local

2) Open WEB UI to enable MongoDB driver, URL of web UI is “http://localhost:8047

3) Now click on storage link

4) In storage , find hbase and click on update

5) Add the following info in the textbox

“type”: “hbase”,
“config”: {
“hbase.zookeeper.quorum”: “localhost”,
“”: “2181”
“enabled”: true

6) Then click Update button to enable this driver

7) On apache drill shell, run “show databases;“, this will also display the hbase databases too.

8) Now lets query clicks table, “select * from hbase.clicks;“, it will display all clicks information.

9) You need to cast hbase column to varchar to see its correct values, like

SELECT CAST(clicks.row_key as VarChar(20)), CAST(clicks.clickinfo.studentid as VarChar(20)), CAST (clicks.clickinfo.url as VarChar(20)), CAST (clicks.iteminfo.quantity as VarChar(20)), CAST (clicks.iteminfo.itemtype as VarChar(20)) FROM hbase.clicks;

10) Now lets join students and clicks table

select cast( as varchar(20)) as name, cast(c.clickinfo.url as varchar(100)) as url from hbase.students as s 

join hbase.clicks as c

on cast(s.row_key as varchar(20)) = cast(c.clickinfo.studentid as varchar(20));



Hbase Insallation on Ubuntu 14.04

Hi guys,

Today, I am going to install Hbase on my system. I am going to install it on my standalone machine without Hadoop. Lets start

1) Download and install Ubuntu 14.04 on your machine or in virtual machine

2) Install Oracle JDK 1.7 on your machine, for this follow this link []

3) Download tar file of hbase from this link []

4) unzip it using “tar -xvf hbase-1.0.1-bin.tar.gz

5) Create directory using “sudo mkdir /usr/lib/hbase

6) Move your hbase folder to this directory using “mv hbase-1.0.1 /usr/lib/hbase/hbase-1.0.1

7) In hbase directory you will have inside conf directory, open it in any text editor

8) Search “export JAVA_HOME” and change it to this “export JAVA_HOME = /usr/lib/jvm/java-7-oracle“, save this file

9) Now set the hbase path in your enviornment variable using “gedit ~/.bashrc

10)  Add the below lines at the end of .bashrc file and save it

export HBASE_HOME=/usr/lib/hbase/hbase-1.0.1


11) run the following command to make these changes effective “. ~/.bashrc

12) Now open conf/hbase-site.xml in text editor and add the below text in it

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="configuration.xsl"?>











13) Congratulations, you installed hbase on your system, now start it using "sudo bin/"
14) Open hbase shell using "sudo bin/hbase shell"

15) Insert sample data in hbase, please follow this link []

16) To use hbase shell follow this link []