1. Antonio Nappa, Rana Faisal Munir, Irfan Khan Tanoli, Christian Kreibich, and Juan Caballero. RevProbe: Detecting Silent Reverse Proxies in Malicious Server Infrastructures (Accepted). Annual Computer Security Applications Conference (ACSAC). 2016
  2. Rana Faisal Munir, Oscar Romero, Alberto Abello, Besim Bilalli, Maik Thiele, and Wolfgang Lehner.  ResilientStore: A Heuristic-based Data Format Selector for Intermediate Results. 6th International Conference on Model and Data Engineering (MEDI). 2016
  3. Sohail Sarwar, Zia Ul Qayyum, Muhammad Safyan and Rana Faisal MunirOntology Based Adaptive, Semantic E-Learning Framework (OASEF).  Information Science and Applications (ICISA). 2016  
  4. Abdul Razzaq, Zahid Anwar, H. Farooq Ahmad, Khalid Latif and Faisal Munir. Ontology for Attack Detection: An Intelligent Approach to Web Application Security. Elsevier Journal of Computer & Security. Volume 45(1). 2014
  5. Rana Faisal Munir, Nabeel Ahmed, Abdul Razzaq, Ali Hur and Farooq Ahmad. Detect HTTP Specification Attacks using Ontology.  9th International Conference on Frontiers of Information Technology, pages 75-78. 2011
  6. Mahmood Ahmed, Rana Faisal Munir. Malfree Web Server Response. 7th   International Conference on Emerging Technologies, pages 1-6. 2011

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